"We are so pleased to have found Julia as she is a wonderful piano teacher who has a lovely nature with our two young children.Both started out aged 5 with her and she managed to keep them fully focused, never rushing and always listening and adapting to what they were saying. She is very encouraging, has a variety of ways to engage children ( stickers, drawings, clapping etc) and seems to have an unlimited patience! She k ows the syllabus very well and recommends good piano books. I am always quick to recommend her to friends and family."
- Mark (parent)

Student Notes

“Julia has taught all four of my children to play the piano from an early age. She is an extremely calm, caring and patient teacher and she has really nurtured the children through the potentially hard slog of those lower grades to their current stage where they are now all able to fully enjoy their piano playing together as a shared hobby and interest. The older children are able to help and encourage the younger ones with their scales and exam pieces and they also all like to play duets and experiment with their own compositions together. They haven’t always found learning to play the piano easy but thanks to Julia, they have always enjoyed and looked forward to their lessons which have motivated them to persevere whenever the practice started to feel like a struggle.”

‘Julia has been teaching me since I was very young, and I have enjoyed her lessons greatly over the years. She is an awesome teacher and the lessons are very fun. I’ve learned loads in all my time being taught by her.’

“Julia is very good at helping me to improve when I think it seems too hard, she shows me that she believes I can do it which makes me trust her and believe that I can too. It is a nice feeling when I can play a piece that used to seem hard.

“Julia helps me to play lovely pieces of music and I like it when I get to choose new pieces to learn. I like going to Julia’s for my lessons because her dog, Comet is always pleased to see me.”

‘Julia is a great music teacher, explaining everything well, and clearly knowledgeable in the theoretical and practical sides of piano. Lessons with her are interesting and fun, and results in grades and personal development as a musician are quickly recognised and highly rewarding.’

‘I started piano lessons with Julia as an absolute beginner in 2009.   I really enjoy Julia’s teaching and I am currently working towards grade 5.’

‘Sophie has had an inspiring year and a half with you at Time for Piano. She always comes out of her lesson smiling. Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful encouragement!’

“I started playing piano at the age of 7 and at such a young age, I have to say as a shy individual, I was very daunted at the prospect of meeting my new teacher Julia. However, Julia’s patient, encouraging and warm-hearted nature reassured me and made me feel comfortable performing piano. Since then, I’ve gone from strength to strength and now about to do Grade 7 in piano as well as doing grades in other instruments too. Julia has greatly encouraged my passion in music so much that I am going to study it at University.”

‘I like piano because it is fun.’

“Learning and playing the piano is not just about learning the technical aspects of playing and practising for exams, although these are important. For me, a lot of it has been about enjoying new pieces and playing for fun. My best friend at school is also learning the piano and sometimes before lessons we go the to library and play duets and pieces of music together.”