"Miss Gilmore is very good at teaching me the piano. She is very kind and she has helped me with my piano massively. Her explanations are very good and she tells me which notes and fingers to use. She shows me all my scales. "
- Mateo (student aged 8)

Time For Piano Services

Student welfare is a priority at Time for Piano and all teachers have to comply with the Disclosure and Barring Service regulations. We work to ensure that students learn good technique in a safe environment whilst promoting the development of individual style and expression. Parents are encouraged to join students from time to time in lessons and there is regular feedback on progress. Impromptu performances for friends and family during the term can be extremely rewarding, providing a snapshot of progression.

Learning to play the piano is a gift that lasts a lifetime. The early days of being a student are arguably the most important and all our programmes incorporate the fundamental principles of learning an  instrument.

Frequency of lessons can be varied according to students’ goals and financial budgets.

Duet based learning

Duets are an important feature at Time for Piano regardless of the lesson format being followed.  However,  they can also be the main tool for learning with our ‘Just Duets’  programme. This type of approach is good for people who want to make real music from Day one or don’t own a piano. They may be limited with time for practice in between lessons or simply prefer company when playing.

Exam programmes

Formal programmes leading to exam board accreditation are popular with people who enjoy a structured approach to learning and like a formal acknowledgement of achievement. They are also the preferred choice for those wishing to pursue a career in music.

Theory ‘soaks’

Periodic theory soaks give time out to ensure musical knowledge is increasing with practical progress. This approach makes a provision for a natural progression to grade 5 theory if required.

The ability to understand musical notation and  identify different  period styles are important skills. There are many different ways of acquiring them and at Time for Piano we are always learning the theory whilst taking on new pieces. We also recognise the challenges some people may face with reading manuscript directions and will always work with students to overcome these ‘obstacles.’

Individual coaching

Individual coaching outside of a formal exam framework removes the stress of exam preparation. Students still follow a progressive route to learning the piano.