Time for Piano today

Offers a variety of musical learning experiences within a framework of quality teaching.


"Julia is the best type of teacher and if you are thinking about taking the plunge too, give it a go."

The beginning

‘A great man once said I would always have a friend if I could play the piano. My grandad: William Gilmore, was from Newcastle. He had a ‘wicked’ laugh and played the Johann Strauss waltzes with a similar energy. He wasn’t a great reader but when he played you wanted to listen.

My childhood Saturdays started with my piano lesson. I looked forward to it all week and had a great teacher. He didn’t believe in exams, but helped me to learn to play beautiful music. I still play many of the handwritten manuscripts given to me in those early days. I remember walking up the road clutching my music bag and anticipating the music I would be given at my lesson. I wasn’t able to convince my teacher that he could make an exception to his no exam rule and I was compelled to move to a new teacher who would support me through the exam process. Nothing was ever quite the same despite the certificates and my first teacher was definitely the best.

My Grandad loaned me his piano in the early days until I could have my own instrument and I spent many Saturdays in his company. We really did music: played it, listened to it, talked about it and there was lots of laughing. I now have the mix tape I prepared for my Nanny and Grandad; a reminder of something really special I gained from those weekly lessons, paid for by a single pound.

Learning to play the piano gave me so much more than the acquisition of a skill. It gave me individual time with my Grandad and time with all my family around the piano at Christmas. It gave me a way of expressing myself in my formative years and also for meeting people I could play music with.

It continues to be a great source of fulfilment for me as it can be for many.’

We are based in East and West Molesey, Surrey.